Design at the Kennebec Company begins with listening. We listen to you and your family. We listen to the space we’re designing for. We listen to the history of your home and your neighborhood.

Our goal is to design the cabinetry for your kitchen, library, bath, or any other room that fits your life, enhances your life, and lasts for life.

Architectural design is not a rigid discipline nor has it ever been. Homes vary by period, region, architect, builder, and owner preference. Our understanding and appreciation for those differences guides our work throughout the process.

Our designers are unmatched in both experience and aesthetic and have years of experience helping homeowners make knowledgeable decisions on architectural details and the functional requirements for the family.

We offer consulting services for those building a new home and for others who are making changes to an older home. These consultations are immensely helpful and will save you time and money.

Relatively new to the Kennebec Company is our engineering department. By precisely engineering every piece of every cabinet we reduce waste, and, more importantly, we ensure the smoothest possible installation and longest life of your new furniture.

And, of course, listening doesn’t end with design at the Kennebec Company. We love to hear from our clients throughout the crafting and installing process and beyond. We don’t just build cabinets. We build relationships.

“I can not recommend Kennebec Company more highly. From the moment of contact and throughout the entire design process it has been a pleasure. From the highly competent, accommodating, supporting and engaged designer, as well as staff, to the beautiful pieces of art that they create, I could not be more satisfied.”  

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